Who is Rachel Fernandez? Biography/Wiki, Age career, Net Worth

Rachel Fernandez is a young and talented Mexican model, cosplayer, content creator, social media influencer, and TikTok star.

Born on October 28, 1999, she is currently 25 years old. With a huge following on social media, Rashel has become a popular figure among the younger generation. Not only that, but she also has a YouTube channel where she shares her interests and passions with her fans.

Though she may only occasionally upload videos, she has gained a significant fan base on the platform. Through her hard work and dedication, Rachel has succeeded in her career and continues to inspire others with her creativity and talent.

Stay tuned to learn more about this rising star.

Quick Bio, Wiki

Full NameRashel Fernandez
Other Names/Nicknamesrashelrm
ProfessionContent Creator, TikToker, Social Media Influencer, Cosplayer
Date of BirthOctober 28, 1999
Rashel Fernandez Age25 years
Zodiac SignScorpio
Marital StatusUnmarried
Rachel Fernandez EthnicityCaucasian
Rashel Fernandez Net Worth$500K USD
Who is Rachel Fernandez? Biography/Wiki, Age career, Net Worth

Who is Rachel Fernandez?

Rachel Fernandez is a very calm person who does many things on the Internet! She’s from Mexico and loves to show people her costumes, make videos, and share parts of her life online. Rachel has a lot of friends on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube because she’s very good at creating fun and exciting content.

She started sharing her work when she was younger, and now, at 25 years old, many people know who she is. Rachel likes to dress up as different characters and share these looks with her followers. She also talks about things she enjoys and makes videos about her life.

Even though she doesn’t post videos every single day, when she does, lots of people watch and enjoy them. Rachel has big dreams and is working hard to make them come true, showing everyone that you can do what you love and share it with the world.

Rachel Fernandez Early Life and Family

Rachel Fernandez grew up in a colorful and vibrant place called Mexico, surrounded by the love and support of her family. Since she was a little girl, Rachel showed a significant interest in dressing up and playing different characters, which was like a fun game she enjoyed a lot.

Her family saw her passion and always encouraged her to be creative and follow her dreams. They cheered her on as she started to share her talent on the Internet. Rashel’s family is essential to her; they are proud of everything she has accomplished.

Even though we don’t know much about her mom or dad or if she has any brothers or sisters, it’s clear that her family’s love and support helped her become the amazing person she is today.

Who is Rachel Fernandez? Biography/Wiki, Age career, Net Worth

Rachel Fernandez Highlight Career

Rachel Fernandez is like a superstar on the Internet! She started her journey by sharing pictures and videos of herself dressed in fantastic costumes. This caught the eyes of many people online. Soon, she became famous on TikTok, where you can share short, fun videos.

Rachel didn’t stop there; she also created a YouTube channel. Here, she shares even more about her life, the things she loves, and her awesome costumes. People enjoy her videos, even though she doesn’t upload them daily.

Rachel has become a big name in the world of social media influencers, cosplayers, and content creators because she always brings something new and exciting to her fans. She teaches us that sharing your passion and being yourself can lead to great things!

Rachel Fernandez Height, Weight, and Body Measurement

Rachel Fernandez is like any of us with her unique look! She stands tall at about 5 feet 5 inches, which is fantastic. Rachel weighs around 55 KG, showing everyone’s unique and perfect body.

Her hair is a beautiful shade of black, shiny and pretty like the night sky. And her eyes are a stunning blue, just like the ocean on a sunny day. Rashel’s look is as unique as her personality, proving that being yourself is the best thing you can be!

Rashel Fernandez Age25 years
Rachel Fernandez Height5 feet 5 inches (approx)
Weight55 kg (approx)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue

Achievements and Award

Rachel Fernandez has been very busy being fabulous! Even though we don’t have a big trophy case to show off for Rachel, her achievements are remarkable in a different way. Imagine getting many thumbs-ups from friends and even people you don’t know.

That’s what happened to Rachel. She has won the hearts of many people online with her fun videos and amazing costumes. Her most significant award is the vast number of friends she has made on the Internet.

These friends wait excitedly for her new posts and support her by watching her videos and giving lots of likes. So, while Rachel might not have a physical trophy or medal, the love and support she gets from her fans are like winning first place every day!

Boyfriend and Relationship Status

Rachel Fernandez keeps her heart stuff pretty private. This means she only talks a little about whether she has a boyfriend. Just like some of us have secret diaries, Rachel chooses to keep her relationship details a secret.

She believes in sharing her fun costumes and adventures with us, but when it comes to who she might like or date, she thinks it’s unique to keep it just for herself. And that’s okay! Everyone can decide what they want to share with the world.

Rachel Fernandez Net Worth

Rachel Fernandez has saved up a giant piggy bank online from all her hard work! Imagine having a treasure chest; Rashel’s is filled with about 500,000 shiny gold coins, or in grown-up talk, her net worth is 500K USD.

This means she’s done a great job making videos and sharing her costumes with everyone. Rashel’s treasure chest gets bigger because she keeps working hard and being creative.

Rachel Fernandez on Social media

Rachel Fernandez is super popular on social media, where she shares all sorts of cool stuff! She started her Instagram journey in March 2015, and many people follow her there to see her fabulous costumes and fun adventures.

Her Instagram profile got an official blue checkmark in September 2023, which is fantastic because it means she’s a real-deal celebrity on the Internet! Rachel loves posting pictures and has shared over 170 posts with her followers.

Besides Instagram, you can also find Rashel on YouTube, X (formerly known as Twitter), and TikTok, where she posts videos and other fun content. She’s got a big group of friends online, with more than 1.2 million people following her on Instagram alone!

Rachel enjoys connecting with people worldwide through her posts and videos, sharing bits of her life and lots of smiles.

Her Future Dreams

Rachel Fernandez has big dreams for her future, like when you imagine becoming an astronaut or a superhero. She wants to keep making fun videos and dressing up in fantastic costumes to share with all her friends online.

Rachel hopes to meet even more friends worldwide through her posts. She dreams of inspiring others to be themselves and follow their passions, just like she does.

Rachel also wishes to learn new things and travel to exciting places to share new adventures with everyone. She believes that dreaming big and working hard can make all your wishes come true!

Rachel Fernandez Video and Images

Interesting Facts & Trivia

  • Rachel loves animals, such as incredibly fluffy kittens and playful puppies.
  • She enjoys eating ice cream, and her favorite flavor is chocolate.
  • Rachel is a big fan of comic books and superhero movies. Batman is her favorite superhero!
  • She knows how to speak two languages – Spanish and English.
  • Rachel loves to travel and dreams of visiting Paris, France, one day because she thinks it’s super romantic.
  • Her first ever cosplay was as a character from her favorite anime, which she wore to a local comic con.
  • Halloween is Rashel’s favorite holiday because she gets to dress up and be creative with her costumes.
  • She’s afraid of spiders – even the tiny ones make her jump!
  • Rachel enjoys doing DIY projects in her free time, making cool stuff out of things most people would throw away.
  • She has a secret talent for singing and sometimes shares clips of her singing on her social media, but only rarely!


  • Dressing Up in Costumes: Rashel loves turning into different characters from her favorite movies, TV shows, and comics. It’s like playing a fun game of pretend every day!
  • Making Videos: She enjoys creating videos to share her life, costume ideas, and fun moments with friends online. It’s like having a significant online scrapbook.
  • Traveling: Rachel dreams of exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. She especially wants to visit Paris and see why it’s called the city of love.
  • Reading Comic Books: Like diving into a good book, Rachel loves losing herself in the adventures of superheroes and fantastical tales in comic books.
  • DIY Projects: She has a knack for taking old things and making them new and exciting again, proving that creativity can go a long way.
  • Singing: Even though she only shares it sometimes, Rachel enjoys singing. It’s another way for her to express herself and share her talents with the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Rachel Fernandez?

She’s 25 years old.

What does Rachel Fernandez do?

Rashel is a model, cosplayer, content creator, and TikTok star. She also makes YouTube videos.

Does Rachel have any siblings?

The article doesn’t say if she has brothers or sisters.

What are Rashel’s favorite hobbies?

She loves dressing up, making videos, traveling, reading comic books, doing DIY projects, and singing.

Is Rashel dating someone?

Rashel keeps her love life private, so we don’t know if she has a boyfriend.

What languages does Rashel speak?

She speaks Spanish and English.

What’s Rashel’s favorite holiday?

Halloween is her favorite because she loves to dress up.

How much is Rashel worth?

Rashel’s net worth is about 500K USD.


In this article, we’ve shared much about Rachel Fernandez and all the cool stuff she does. She loves to dress up, make videos, and share her adventures with the world.

Rachel has shown us that being yourself and doing what you love can bring you lots of friends and happiness. She’s a big dreamer and works hard to make those dreams come true.

Remember, like Rachel, you can reach for the stars and achieve your goals with creativity and hard work. Keep following your passions, and maybe one day, you’ll inspire others, too!

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