Coco Vandi Age, Height, Career, Net Worth, Bio/Wiki 2024

Today, we learn about the rising star Coco Vandi. At 36 years old, Coco Vandi has captured the hearts of many as a social media sensation, movie actress, and model.

Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, this multi-talented beauty has gained a massive following on Instagram and continues to impress with her latest photos and videos.

With her birthday falling on March 28, 1988, Coco Vandi has established herself as a successful model and social media star, making waves in the industry.

Keep reading to learn more about Coco Vandi’s journey and success in 2024.

Quick Bio, Wiki

Real NameCoco Vandi
NicknameCoco Vandi
ProfessionModel, Actress
Date of Birth28 March 1988
Coco Vandi Age36 years old as of 2024
Place of BirthLas Vegas, United States of America
HometownLas Vegas, United States of America
Zodiac SignAries
Star SignAries
Coco Vandi Net Worth$2 million (USD)
Marital StatusUnmarried
Affair/BoyfriendNot Known
Coco Vandi Age, Height, Career, Net Worth, Bio/Wiki 2024

Who Is Coco Vandi?

Coco Vandi is someone many people enjoy watching and following on the internet. She’s like a movie star and on social media platforms where many people share pictures and videos. Imagine her as someone who loves dressing up, posing for the camera, and showing her daily life to the world through her posts.

Coco started this journey in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is known for its bright lights and fun entertainment. Over time, she has become a favourite model for many, using her creativity and charm.

She shares her life’s colourful moments, making her followers smile and feel inspired. Coco Vandi keeps working hard, sharing her talents and brightening everyone’s day with her posts.

Coco Vandi Early Life and Family

Coco Vandi grew up in a place full of bright lights and excitement – Las Vegas, Nevada. Think of it as a city that never sleeps, with so many things to see and do! She was born there on March 28, 1988, which means she has seen a lot of exciting things in her life.

Coco was surrounded by a family who loved and supported her dreams from a young age. Imagine having a family that cheers you on, no matter what you want to be when you grow up. That’s what Coco had.

They were always there, giving her the confidence to chase after what she loves doing – like modelling and sharing her life on social media. Coco’s Family played a big part in her becoming the star she is today, teaching her to be brave and show the world her talents.

Coco Vandi Age, Height, Career, Net Worth, Bio/Wiki 2024

Coco Vandi Career

Coco Vandi started her journey in the world of cameras and lights with a big dream. Imagine wanting to be seen by many and share your stories through pictures and videos; that’s what Coco aimed for.

She began by modelling, where she got to wear fancy clothes and strike poses for photos. Her love for dressing up and being in front of the camera made her a perfect model. Soon, she found herself on social media, where she could connect with even more people.

Here, Coco shared bits of her life, travels, and fun moments, making everyone who watched feel a little brighter inside. Her creativity and charm on social media turned her into a star, with many people looking forward to her posts.

Coco didn’t stop there; she even appeared in movies, showing her acting skills. Step by step, Coco Vandi built a career that many dream of, all by doing what she loves most.

Coco Vandi Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Coco Vandi stands tall and proud at 5 feet 9 inches, which is about as tall as a grown-up is high! She weighs 145 pounds, as much as a big, fluffy dog might weigh.

Her body is unique, with measurements that sound like a secret code: 36DDD-38-24. Coco’s eyes sparkle brown like chocolate chips in your favourite cookies. Her hair shines a beautiful blond, reminding you of golden sunshine.

She wears dresses sized 39 in European sizes, which might sound like a significant number, but it’s perfect for her. She’s a size 9 in the US so that she can share sneakers with some of you! Coco Vandi sure has a look that many remember and admire.

Height5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Weight145 lbs (66 kg)
Body Measurement36DDD-38-24
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlond
Dress Size39 (EU)
Shoe Size9 (US)
Body ShapeAverage

Awards and Achievements

Coco Vandi is like a superstar who has collected a lot of gold stars for her work. When you do well in a game or get good grades, and your teacher gives you a gold star, Coco has received awards for excellent modelling and acting.

She’s like a treasure hunter who has found many sparkly treasures, but these are her awards and achievements. While we don’t have an extensive list of all the shiny awards she’s won, it’s essential to know that every photo she posts and every role she plays is like winning a prize.

Coco’s most significant achievement might not be a trophy you can hold, but the smiles and happiness she brings to her followers and fans. Every day, she won the hearts of people worldwide, and that’s a significant achievement!

Boyfriend and Relationship Status

When it comes to who Coco Vandi is dating or if she has a boyfriend, she keeps it very private.

Some people have secret treasures, but Coco keeps her relationship status as a hidden gem, not sharing much about it. It’s important to respect her choice to keep this part of her life just for herself.

Remember, just like in a game where we only peek at the hidden items once it’s the right time, we wait until Coco decides if and when she wants to share more about her heart’s story.

Coco Vandi Net Worth

Coco Vandi has done many amazing things, like being in movies, modelling, and sharing fun moments on social media. She has earned much money with all her hard work and talent. Imagine a vast treasure chest filled with shiny gold coins, like Coco’s net worth.

According to what they’ve seen on social media, people say she has about $2 million in her treasure chest. That means she has enough money to buy many toys and clothes and maybe even go on adventures worldwide!

Coco’s hard work paid off, making her treasure chest grow bigger and bigger.

Future Plan and Goals

Coco Vandi always dreams big and aims high, just like a superhero setting off on a new mission. She wants to keep sharing her exciting life and cool outfits with everyone on the internet, making more and more friends along the way.

Coco also plans to act in more movies, so keep your eyes peeled; you might see her on the big screen again soon! Besides that, she hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams, just like she did. Imagine if you could do what you love and share it with the world – that’s what Coco wants for everyone.

She’s also considering travelling to new places, meeting new people, and learning new things to share with her followers. So, Coco’s future is about spreading happiness, chasing dreams, and going on new adventures.

Fun Facts About Coco Vandi

  • Coco loves animals, especially fluffy cats and big dogs. Imagine having a soft, purring cat or a friendly dog to play with daily!
  • She’s a fan of chocolate ice cream. Picture a big, yummy scoop of chocolate ice cream on a hot day – Coco’s favourite treat.
  • Coco enjoys travelling to beaches. Think about playing in the sand, swimming in the ocean, and building the most enormous sandcastle ever!
  • She’s also really good at drawing. Like magic, Coco can create beautiful pictures with just a pencil and paper!
  • Coco likes watching superhero movies. Imagine sitting down with a big bowl of popcorn and watching heroes save the day – that’s a perfect evening for her.
  • She’s learning to play the guitar. Picture Coco is strumming tunes and singing songs, making music that makes everyone smile.
  • Coco’s favourite colour is blue, like the sky on a sunny day or the deep ocean. Everything around her feels a bit happier and brighter with a touch of blue.

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  • Playing with Pets: Coco loves spending time with her furry friends, whether cuddling with cats or playing fetch with dogs. Imagine having a playful pet waiting for you at home!
  • Drawing and Painting: She enjoys bringing her imagination to life on paper. Picture Coco sits by a window, drawing beautiful scenes or colourful characters with her pencils and paints.
  • Listening to Music and Learning Guitar: Coco likes to listen to all kinds of music and is learning to play guitar. Imagine her strumming chords and creating her music, maybe even writing songs one day!
  • Watching Movies: Especially superhero ones! Imagine Coco having a movie night, cheering on the heroes as they save the day on the big screen.
  • Traveling and Exploring New Places: Coco loves to see new sights and meet new people. Picture her walking on a beach far away or exploring a city she’s never visited, making new memories everywhere she goes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Coco Vandi?

She’s 36 years old.

Where does Coco Vandi come from?

She comes from Las Vegas, Nevada.

What does Coco Vandi do?

She’s a model, actress, and social media star.

Does Coco Vandi have a boyfriend?

She keeps her love life private, so we don’t know.

How tall is Coco Vandi?

She is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

What’s Coco Vandi’s favourite food?

She loves chocolate ice cream.

Has Coco Vandi been in any movies?

Yes, she has acted in movies.

What are Coco Vandi’s hobbies?

She likes playing with pets, drawing, listening to music, watching movies, and travelling.


So there we have it, a little peek into the bright and exciting world of Coco Vandi. We’ve travelled through her life, from the sparkling city of Las Vegas to the wide world of social media and movies.

Coco’s journey reminds us to follow our dreams like she does every day. Whether she’s posing for the camera, sharing her adventures online, or stepping onto a movie set, Coco Vandi shows us that you can achieve your dreams with hard work and a lot of heart.

Let’s keep our eyes open for what she does next, and maybe, just like Coco, we’ll be inspired to chase our stars. Remember, it’s all about spreading happiness, chasing dreams, and going on new adventures, just like Coco Vandi does!

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