Chazz Palminteri Net Worth, Age, Height, Career, Bio/Wiki 2024

Chazz Palminteri is a household name in the entertainment industry, with a successful career spanning over four decades. The 72-year-old actor, producer, and screenwriter has captured audiences with his dynamic performances in films like “A Bronx Tale,” “The Usual Suspects,” and “Bullets Over Broadway.” 

With his talent and hard work, Chazz has amassed a net worth of $16 million, making him one of the wealthiest actors in Hollywood. But it’s not just his wealth that makes him stand out; Chazz’s dedication to his craft and his down-to-earth nature have won fans’ hearts worldwide. 

We’ll discuss Chazz Palminteri net worth, career, and bio as we closely examine this legendary actor’s life.

Quick Bio, Wiki

Real NameChazz Palminteri or Calogero Lorenzo Palminteri
ProfessionActor, Screenwriter, and Producer
BirthdayMay 15, 1952
Chazz Palminteri Age72 years old as of 2024
BirthplaceNew York City, USA
NicknameChazz Palminteri
HometownNew York City, USA
Sun SignTaurus
Chazz Palminteri Height6 feet 2 inches (191 cm or 1.91 m)
Chazz Palminteri Weight83 kg or 183 lbs
Marital StatusMarried
Chazz Palminteri Net Worth$16 million
Chazz Palminteri WifeGianna Ranaudo
Chazz Palminteri Net Worth, Age, Height, Career, Bio/Wiki 2024

Who is Chazz Palminteri?

Chazz Palminteri is a talented man who acts in movies and writes stories. He was born on May 15, 1952, so he’s been around for a while, sharing his amazing skills with the world. 

When he was younger, he decided he wanted to tell stories and become someone people would see on TV or in movies. He worked very, very hard to make his dreams come true. Because of his hard work, he was in cool movies like “A Bronx Tale” and “The Usual Suspects.” 

People liked what he did, so they gave him awards and many claps. He’s like a superhero, but instead of saving the world, he makes it happier with his movies and stories.

Chazz Palminteri Early Life and Education  

Chazz Palminteri grew up as Calogero Lorenzo Palminteri in a cozy part of the Bronx, a famous spot in New York City, where tall buildings touch the sky, and streets buzz with life—born to Rose, a loving homemaker who filled their home with warmth and Lorenzo. 

He is a hardworking bus driver who knows all the city’s roads by heart; Chazz was surrounded by a mix of Italian charm and the hustle of city life from the start. His family came from far away, from Sicily in Italy, making Chazz proud of his roots.

As a young boy, Chazz walked the streets of the Bronx, where every corner told a story and every face had a tale. These streets became his first teacher, showing him the colors of life, both bright and dark. He took these lessons to heart, dreaming of telling his own stories one day.

School days for Chazz were spent at Theodore Roosevelt High School, where he mixed studies with dreams, always imagining a world beyond the classroom walls. After high school, in 1973, he took a brave step toward chasing his dreams. 

He joined the Actor’s Studio, where dreams of acting on big stages and in bright lights started to take shape. During these early days, Chazz also worked as a doorman and bouncer, showing that no job was too small on the path to his dreams. 

This time he taught him grit and determination, qualities that would light his path in movies and storytelling.

Chazz Palminteri Net Worth, Age, Height, Career, Bio/Wiki 2024

What is Chazz Palminteri Net Worth?

Having entered the acting world in the late 1980s, Chazz Palminteri’s Net worth is around $16 million! That’s exactly what Chazz Palminteri has managed to fill his piggy bank with. He’s made a lot of money from being in cool movies and writing stories that people love to watch. 

$16 million is a lot of toys, video games, or whatever you love buying! But for Chazz, it shows how much people enjoy his work, from acting in famous movies to creating his plays. Remember, this didn’t happen overnight. 

It took years of acting, writing, and being part of the movie world to fill that piggy bank. It’s like saving your allowance but on a much bigger scale!

Chazz Palminteri Career Journey

Career Beginnings

Chazz Palminteri’s journey to stardom was a challenging road. He had big dreams from a young age, but he faced his fair share of challenges before he could shine on the big screen. After high school, Chazz decided to chase his dreams of acting. 

However, making a name for himself was challenging. Before the glitz and glamour, Chazz took on roles that many might not consider glamorous. He worked as a doorman and bouncer, showing he wasn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and work hard.

His early days were also spent performing in off-Broadway plays, where the stages were smaller but the passion for acting burned just as bright. Chazz’s perseverance paid off when he started to land small parts in films and TV shows, which, while not leading roles, helped him hone his craft and get his foot in the door of the entertainment industry. 

Each role was a step closer to his dreams, no matter how small. This determination and resilience eventually led to the creation and success of his one-person show, “A Bronx Tale,” which became a turning point in his career. This show showcased his immense talent and his unique story, setting the stage for the remarkable career that followed.

Films and Television Career 

Chazz Palminteri’s journey in films and television is like a grand adventure filled with exciting stories and fascinating characters. In the 1990s, he brought laughter and thrills to audiences with roles in movies like “Oscar” and “Innocent Blood.” 

His talent shone brightly when he helped turn his play “A Bronx Tale” into a film, working alongside Robert De Niro. This movie was a big hit, and people everywhere loved it. Then, Chazz played a memorable part in “Bullets over Broadway,” which was so good that it got him a nomination for a very important award!

He also appeared in the mystery thriller “The Usual Suspects” as Special Agent Dave Kujan, a role many people remember him by. Chazz didn’t stop there; he continued to entertain us in other films, including voice acting in the cute movie “Stuart Little.”

On TV, Chazz popped up in some shows that might sound familiar, like “Modern Family,” where he played Shorty, and “Rizzoli & Isles,” acting as Frank Rizzoli Sr. Whether he was playing a funny character or a serious one, Chazz always made sure we were glued to the screen, waiting to see what he would do next.

Awards and Achievement

Chazz Palminteri is not just a brilliant actor; he’s also a trophy winner! Imagine playing a sport and winning a shiny trophy for being the best—that’s what Chazz did, but with acting. In 2006, he and his team got a special award at the Sundance Film Festival for being an amazing ensemble in a drama. It’s like being part of the best superhero team! 

Then, in 1995, the Independent Spirit Awards gave him a trophy for being a super supportive actor. He was even nominated for a big deal award called the Oscar in 1994, which is like the gold medal of acting! 

And though he didn’t win, just being nominated is like being told you’re one of the heroes of the acting world. The Screen Actors Guild, a group of actors who celebrate great work, thought he was so good in 1994 that they nominated him too. 

So, Chazz is like an acting superhero with a collection of awards!

Wife and Relationship status 

Chazz Palminteri found his forever love story with Gianna Ranaudo, a talented actress and producer. They tied the knot on June 6, 1992, and have been together, sharing a beautiful journey.

Born in 1966, Gianna has shown her talents in movies like “Interference” and “A Fish Story.” Together, Chazz and Gianna are proud parents to two wonderful children. 

Their love story is like a fairy tale, filled with love, talent, and a shared passion for storytelling through films and productions.

Family: Parents and Siblings

Chazz Palminteri’s family is made up of his loving dad, Lorenzo Palminteri, who used to drive a bus around the busy streets of New York, and his caring mom, Rose Palminteri, who took great care of their home. 

He also has two sisters, Mary Kaufman and Rose Pascarelli. Together, they grew up in a house full of love and stories in the Bronx. 

His family was very important in helping him become the person he is today, showing him the value of hard work and the beauty of dreaming big.

Chazz Palminteri Children

Chazz Palminteri is not just a star on the screen; he’s also a superstar dad! He has two amazing kids, Dante Lorenzo Palminteri and Gabriella Palminteri, who think their dad’s work is cool. 

They love “A Bronx Tale,” a story about growing up and learning right from wrong, just like their dad did. Dante and Gabriella are so inspired by their dad’s movies and plays that they also want to be part of the entertainment world, 

They follow in his footsteps, ready to tell their stories and make their dad proud. It’s like a family of storytellers sharing their adventures with the world.

Personal Life and Business Detail

Chazz Palminteri is not just about acting and movies; he has a big heart and loves his family. In 1992, he married Gianna Ranaudo, and together, they’ve built a cozy nest with their two kids in Bedford, New York. 

Chazz is big on faith, calling himself a “very spiritual” person and sticking close to his Roman Catholic roots. Plus, he’s a huge New York Yankees fan, cheering for them whenever possible! But that’s not all – Chazz also tried running restaurants. 

In 2011, he opened Chazz: A Bronx Original in Baltimore, serving yummy pizzas and Italian dishes. Though it closed in 2015, he didn’t give up. He then opened Chazz Palminteri Ristorante Italiano in New York City, sharing a piece of Italy with everyone. 

So, Chazz isn’t just a star on the screen; he’s also a family guy, a man of faith, a sports fan, and a businessman, always finding new adventures.

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Fun facts about Chazz Palminteri

  • When Chazz was just a little kid, at 9 years old, he saw something really scary happen right in his neighborhood—a mob killing!
  • After he finished school, Chazz didn’t go straight into acting. Instead, he sang songs at places called resorts in the Catskills Mountains and was the lead singer of a band named Razzamachazz. He also had a job opening doors for people at a cool nightclub called The Limelight in New York City.
  • Can you believe Chazz’s first big movie was with Sylvester Stallone? It was a funny crime movie called “Oscar” in 1991.
  • Chazz is super talented not just in acting but in writing, too. He turned a story he performed all by himself on stage into a movie called “A Bronx Tale” in 1993. This movie was extra special because Robert De Niro decided to be the director for the first time because of it.
  • He got many cheers and was nominated for pretty big awards for acting well in a movie called “Bullets Over Broadway” in 1994.
  • In 1996, some groups celebrating Italian-American culture gave him awards because he did a great job in movies and on stage.
  • Chazz tried something different and opened his restaurant Chazz: A Bronx Original in Baltimore in 2011, sharing his love for Italian food with everyone.

Chazz Palminteri Live Video about A Bronx Tale

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Chazz Palminteri?

He is 72 years old.

How tall is Chazz Palminteri?

He’s tall, but his exact height isn’t mentioned here.

What movies was Chazz Palminteri in?

He was in “A Bronx Tale,” “The Usual Suspects,” and “Bullets over Broadway” among others.

Is Chazz Palminteri married?

Yes, he is married to Gianna Ranaudo.

Does Chazz Palminteri have kids?

Yes, he has two kids, Dante Lorenzo and Gabriella.

Did Chazz Palminteri win any awards?

Yes, he has won awards and was nominated for an Oscar!

Does Chazz Palminteri own a restaurant?

He used to own one in Baltimore and now has one in New York City.

What’s Chazz Palminteri net worth?

His net worth is around $16 million.


Chazz Palminteri, at 72, epitomizes Hollywood success. With a net worth of $16 million, his journey from the Bronx to global acclaim underscores resilience and talent. Known for iconic roles in “A Bronx Tale” and “The Usual Suspects,” Palminteri’s impact transcends the screen. 

His commitment to family, including his wife Gianna and children Dante and Gabriella, mirrors his multifaceted persona. Beyond acting, his ventures into entrepreneurship and philanthropy showcase a diverse portfolio. 

Palminteri’s legacy symbolizes American triumph, blending hard work, dedication, and passion into an enduring cinematic narrative.

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