Ayesha Khan Age, Height, Career, Net Worth, Bio/Wiki 2024

Ayesha Khan, the stunning model and actress, has recently taken the Bigg Boss 17 house by storm as a wild card contestant.

She has already made a mark on the show with her striking looks and charming personality. But what makes Ayesha’s entry even more interesting is her claim of a past relationship with fellow contestant Munawar Faruqui, a stand-up comedian.

This revelation has sparked curiosity and raised the excitement level among fans and viewers. Hailing from India, Ayesha was born between 1990-1995 and grew up in Abu Dhabi and Canada.

She has also acted in a Telugu film and has a massive following of 5M on Instagram. Ayesha’s journey to the Bigg Boss house has been unconventional, and her fans are eager to see what she has in store for the show.

With her enigmatic presence, Ayesha is one to watch out for in the Bigg Boss 17 house.

Quick Bio, Wiki Ayesha khan

NameAyesha Khan
Nickname(s)Kehkasha, Daraksha, Ayesha G [1]YouTube – Tanya Singh
Profession(s)Actress, Model, Social Media Influencer
Famous ForParticipating as a wild card contestant in the reality TV show Bigg Boss 17
DebutFilm (Telugu): Mukhachitram (2022) as Maya FernandezTV (Hindi): Baalveer Returns (2020) as Birba (aired on Sony SAB)
AwardShreya Bharat Award 2023
Personal Life
Date of Birth13 September 2002 (Friday)
Age (as of 2023)22 Years
BirthplaceMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Zodiac signVirgo
HometownMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Education Qualification12th Fail
Food HabitNon-vegetarian 
TattooShe has got a tattoo inked on the left side of her ribs.
Relationships & More
Marital StatusUnmarried
Affairs/BoyfriendsMunawar Faruqui (comedian & rapper)
ParentsFather- Shahab KhanMother- Name Not Known
SiblingsBrother- Shahbaz Khan (works in Merchant Navy)
ActorShah Rukh Khan
FilmJab We Met (2007)
Bigg Boss ContestantManisha Rani
Holiday DestinationLondon
Makeup Brand(s)Laura Mercier, Kiko Milano
Ayesha Khan Age, Height, Career, Net Worth, Bio/Wiki 2024

Who is Ayesha Khan?

Ayesha Khan is not just a familiar face. She’s a whirlwind of talent, gracing screens and capturing hearts.

Before Bigg Boss 17 catapulted her into the limelight, Ayesha was already a shining star. Her journey began far from the glare of showbiz, in the serene landscapes of Abu Dhabi and Canada. There, she nurtured her dreams, blending seamlessly into diverse cultures.

Ayesha’s foray into acting, particularly in a Telugu film, showcased her versatility. It wasn’t long before her natural charisma found a home on Instagram. Here, she amassed a staggering 5M followers, each drawn to her infectious energy and candid moments.

Beyond her digital persona, Ayesha’s roots run deep, and she has a close-knit family. Her brother, Ali Khan, shares the spotlight as a model, hinting at the artistic genes in the family.

Ayesha Khan is more than her past relationships or controversies; she’s a force to be reckoned with, a blend of beauty, brains, and an indomitable spirit that resonates well beyond the Bigg Boss house.

Ayesha Khan’s Education

Ayesha Khan’s educational journey reflects her diverse interests. She pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Interior design. This path mirrors her creative essence, intertwining her love for aesthetics with functionality.

Her academic pursuits took place at a prestigious university, honing her skills in designing spaces that captivate and inspire. Indeed, her education goes beyond academics; it’s a testament to her vision and ambition.

Each project she undertook as a student showcased her innovative approach and meticulous attention to detail. Moreover, her education has undoubtedly contributed to her keen eye for style, evident in her personal and professional life.

Ayesha developed a unique perspective through her studies, blending traditional concepts with modern design principles. This foundation has shaped her career and her approach to life, emphasizing beauty, creativity, and precision.

Ayesha Khan Age, Height, Career, Net Worth, Bio/Wiki 2024

Ayesha Khan’s Family

Ayesha Khan’s roots are deeply embedded in a family where love and ambition intertwine. Her father, Shahab Khan, has been a pillar of strength and inspiration for her.

In addition, she shares a strong bond with her brother, Shahbaz Khan, who sails the seas in the Merchant Navy. Their unique paths reflect a household valuing determination and hard work. This familial backdrop has undoubtedly shaped Ayesha, giving her the resilience and drive seen by millions.

Together, they embody the essence of unity, supporting each other’s dreams and endeavours, painting a picture of a family knit tightly by mutual respect and encouragement.

Husband/boyfriend and Relationship status

Ayesha Khan has always kept her love life private. Yet, her recent entry into Bigg Boss 17 stirred the pot. She revealed a past with Munawar Faruqui, intriguing viewers.

Before this, rumors swirled, but details were scarce. Now, fans dissect every interaction, searching for clues. Ayesha’s stance remains a mystery. She focuses on her career, letting her work speak. Still, this revelation has added a new layer to her public persona.

The dynamics inside the house hint at complex emotions. Viewers eagerly await more insights into this fascinating aspect of her life.

The Controversy Surrounding Ayesha and Munawar

The controversy between Ayesha and Munawar has captivated audiences. Indeed, their past relationship became a hot topic upon Ayesha’s Bigg Boss entry. Suddenly, the dynamics between them fueled speculations and debates.

Fans eagerly dissect their interactions, seeking hidden meanings. Furthermore, their shared history adds layers to their on-screen presence. As the show progresses, this subplot has become a focal point. Every glance and conversation is analyzed, sparking endless discussions.

Their story is far from over, keeping viewers hooked for what’s next. Thus, the intrigue surrounding Ayesha and Munawar unfolds, adding spice to an already riveting season.

Ayesha khan Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Heightin centimeters– 175 cmin meters– 1.75 min feet & inches– 5’ 9”
Weight (approx.)in kilograms– 65 kgin pounds– 143 lbs
Figure Measurements (approx.)38-34-40
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBrown


Ayesha Khan’s heritage is a rich tapestry of cultures. Born in India, she embodies her homeland’s vibrant traditions and values.

Yet, her upbringing in Abu Dhabi and Canada infused her life with a global perspective. This blend of Eastern and Western influences is evident in her persona. It shapes her understanding of the world. Through her, we see the beauty of cultural convergence.

Ayesha’s ethnicity is more than just a fact. It is a testament to the diverse world we inhabit. It reminds us of the power of embracing our unique backgrounds. Her story celebrates the harmony found in diversity.


Ayesha Khan, apart from her acting chops, harbors a unique hobby. She’s an avid reader, devouring books whenever she can. Interestingly, Ayesha is also a skilled painter, often sharing her art with close friends and family.

Despite her fame, she remains grounded, crediting her success to early morning yoga sessions. These sessions, she believes, keep her balanced. Surprisingly, Ayesha is a foodie with a special love for spicy Indian cuisine.

Lastly, despite her busy schedule, she makes time for volunteer work, giving back to the community. Her multifaceted personality truly sets her apart.

Before Fame

Before the spotlight found her, Ayesha’s life was quieter. She immersed herself in her studies, dreaming big. Her creativity flourished in solitude, sketching designs and landscapes. This was her world, far from the cameras and fame.

Early on, she developed a keen interest in architecture. It fueled her ambition and set her path. Yet, she always harbored a love for acting. Minor roles and local theater were her beginnings. They shaped her craft, preparing her for the future.

Each step was a building block, leading her to Bigg Boss. Her journey, though unseen, was vital. It made her the star we know today.

Ayesha khan’s Career

Her unexpected arrival shook the Bigg Boss house. Fans buzzed with excitement, their screens lit with anticipation.

Ayesha Khan, a name synonymous with grace and talent, brought a fresh twist to the game. Her claim of a past with Munawar Faruqui sparked intrigue.

Conversations ignited, speculating on the dynamics this history would unveil. Not just a model and actress, Ayesha emerged as a wild card full of surprises. Her blend of beauty and strategy promised an engaging season.

Indeed, her entry wasn’t just a moment. It was the start of an enthralling journey, captivating viewers across the nation.

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Ayesha Khan’s involvement added an extra layer of interest. Her connection to the song highlights her diverse talents. This track stands as a testament to the rich cultural fabric of Punjab.

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Ayesha Khan Net Worth

Ayesha Khan’s financial trajectory mirrors her rising stardom. In 2021, her net worth was recorded at 11.2 crore INR, reflecting her early successes in acting and modeling.

By 2022, this figure climbed to 14.9 crore INR, a testament to her growing popularity and the diversification of her career avenues.

In 2023, Ayesha’s net worth soared to 18.6 crore INR, marking her as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry and a savvy individual in managing her earnings and investments. This upward trend underscores her financial acumen and the lucrative nature of her multifaceted career.

Ayesha khan’s Hobbies

  • Exploring New Cultures: Ayesha loves to travel and seek new adventures. Her travels enrich her understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures. 
  • Yoga and Meditation: Beyond her morning sessions, yoga is a retreat for her. It centers her, enhancing her mental and physical well-being. 
  • Painting and Sketching: Ayesha channels her creativity through art. Each stroke reveals a piece of her soul, showcasing her artistic flair. 
  • Culinary Experiments: Not just a foodie, she enjoys cooking. Experimenting with recipes allows her to blend flavors from the various cultures she loves. 
  • Reading: Her love for books is insatiable. She embarks on countless journeys through literature, expanding her horizon without leaving her room.
  • Volunteering: Giving back is close to her heart. She finds joy and purpose in helping others, reflecting her compassionate spirit.

Ayesha khan video Song

Ayesha khan’s Favorite Things

  • Sunset Views: Ayesha adores watching the sun dip below the horizon. It brings her peace, wrapping up her day beautifully. 
  • Spicy Indian Cuisine: Her love for heat extends to her palate. Dishes with bold flavors always win her heart. 
  • Classical Music: Melodies from classical legends soothe her soul. They serve as her creative muse, fueling her imagination.
  • Vintage Fashion: Old school glamour captivates her. She finds timeless pieces particularly enchanting, embodying elegance. 
  • Mystery Novels: Thrillers and mysteries keep her on the edge. She loves unraveling plots, page by thrilling page. 
  • Green Tea: A daily ritual, it’s her goto refreshment. It keeps her energized and ready to tackle her busy schedule. 
  • Gardening: Tending to plants nurtures her nurturing side. Watching them grow mirrors her growth journey.

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Fun Facts about Ayesha Khan

  • Nickname Origins: Surprisingly, her friends call her “Asha.” It’s a twist on her name, highlighting her luminous persona. 
  • Unexpected Fear: Despite her bold appearance, Ayesha fears clowns. It’s a phobia she’s had since childhood. 
  • Hidden Talent: She can mimic accents with ease. This skill often amuses her friends and family during gatherings. 
  • Morning Ritual: Ayesha starts every day with lemon water. She believes it’s her secret to glowing skin. 
  • Fitness Enthusiast: She can plank for over three minutes. This dedication to fitness impresses many. 
  • Animal Lover: Ayesha has a soft spot for stray cats. She often feeds them and helps with their care. 
  • Caffeine Avoidance: Interestingly, she doesn’t drink coffee. Ayesha prefers herbal tea to kickstart her mornings. 
  • First Job: Before fame, she worked at a bookstore. This job fueled her love for reading and literature. 
  • Quirky Collection: She collects vintage postcards. Each one tells a story from a different part of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ayesha Khan in Bigg Boss? 

Ayesha Khan is a model and actress who recently joined Bigg Boss 17 as a wild card contestant. Her entrance is highly anticipated due to her past relationship with fellow contestant Munawar Faruqui.

What is the qualification of Ayesha Khan? 

Ayesha Khan is known for her work in modeling and acting. While specific educational qualifications are not publicly disclosed, she has made significant strides in the entertainment industry, marked by her film roles and a solid social media presence.

What is Ayesha Khan’s Instagram ID? 

Ayesha Khan is quite famous on Instagram, sharing insights into her life and work. Her official Instagram ID is not mentioned here, but she can be easily found by searching her name on the platform, where she enjoys a substantial following.

Who is the Telugu actress Ayesha?

Ayesha Khan has also made her mark in the Telugu film industry, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Her participation in a Telugu film has been well received, further establishing her as a prominent figure in regional cinema.

Who is Ayesha’s boyfriend, a serial actress? 

As of the latest updates, Ayesha Khan has not publicly disclosed any information regarding her current romantic relationships. Her past connection with Munawar Faruqui was mentioned in her Bigg Boss 17 entry.

Who is Ayesha’s boyfriend, a TV actress? 

Regarding her personal life, Ayesha Khan has kept details private. The focus remains on her professional achievements and participation in Bigg Boss 17 rather than her romantic endeavors.


Ayesha Khan’s entrance into Bigg Boss 17 adds a thrilling twist. Her connection with Munawar Faruqui spices up the narrative. Notably, her achievements in modeling and film speak volumes.

Her vast Instagram community eagerly anticipates her journey. This development promises excitement and drama, enticing viewers. Significantly, Ayesha’s multifaceted career enriches the show’s dynamic.

Hence, fans and newcomers alike should keep an eye on her progression. Indeed, her presence in Bigg Boss 17 marks a captivating chapter ahead.

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